Our international team comprises members with decades of experience of countering terrorist and insurgent threats in various parts of the world. The team includes members with first hand experience of: military and law enforcement conventional and special operations; highest level national intelligence operations; civil/military and multi-agency environments and, crucially, of being members of organizations which have posed such threats.

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Cyber Security

Our best in class technical assessment teams will target your information assets using the highly tailored tactics, techniques and procedures (TTP’s) of your most likely attackers – resulting in an assessment which will provide a true evaluation of the resiliency of your enterprise to a real-world attack. FusionX prides itself on a strong culture of bleeding-edge security research and on consistently identifying vulnerabilities that our competitors fail to identify.
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Global Security

OODA provides crisis response and rapid safeguarding services. Customers can reach the appropriate experts for crisis support and response teams can be deployed on short notice to provide on-site assistance as necessary.

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Intelligence Services

Understanding your environment is the first critical component of risk and opportunity management. OODA can provide advanced intelligence services, including early warning on emerging threats or ground-truth assessments to shed light on dynamic global risk situations. Our intelligence methodology blends the best practices of several analytical disciplines to determine probable futures and likely outcomes to some of the most difficult international questions.

Our total intelligence services and products are designed to help manage uncertainty in complex operational environments by discreetly answering hard questions. We utilize a network of professional and proprietary sources coupled with advanced open source aggregation technologies to provide our customers with strategic and operational insight that helps them manage risk or make lucrative business decisions.

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