DHS eyes kindergarten for next generation of cybersecurity pros

October 31, 2012
Homeland Security News
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“The Department of Homeland Security (DHS), struggling to find enough cybersecurity talent to meet its needs, says it is going to groom the next generation of cybersecurity pros starting in kindergarten.

But several security experts say while better education and training is fine, there is plenty of talent out there now — it just comes in the form of people who government hiring managers tend to reject because they are, in the words of Hacker Academy founder Aaron Cohen, ‘socially awkward.'”

Source:DHS eyes kindergarten for next generation of cybersecurity pros – CSO Online – Security and Risk

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  1. Efgahnie Eugena Spear

    November 28, 2012, 22:38:01

    Please assist this message. I am trying to pass on some small but important pieces of information that have a big impact on our national security. I thought , but was not positive with concrete evidence until. Today, that the police in Philadelphia pa are diverting my calls and email messages. I became aware of the in information I want to give you because I am the victim of a stalker who has made me the target of organized crime for most if my life. I learn things from the people he hires to hurt me. They also reveal, over time ,their involvement in crimes against our Country.
    I have an understanding o f what affected our flight tower personell And who was causing them to fall asleep on duty. I also have information about their, the same people, activities in medical fraud and Insurace fraud by deliberate biological assault and techniques for intellectual interference, that has contributed to sabotage in the business of our national debit.

    I repeat – I am unable to get through ordinary channels to work with those in charge of information gathering in these vital areas of our National Affairs. My only tel. number now is 215 300 7102 . My working email: spearefgahnie@ My phone and email are controlled, diverted, delayed and deleted. I am also a member of a twelve step support group where I could be contacted. It meets in various locations in Philadelphia – or where ever I am. That froup is also now targeted by the same crime boss and his/her workers. I am harassed 24/ 7 and controlled by a stalker who is intrenced in organized crime with involvement in drug traffic, banking, and medicine. My reputation has been badly damaged a
    And my only choice for lodging is a broken , vandalized van. Please find a way to put me in contact with workers who can use this information to protect all of us.


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