Moving FEMA out of Homeland Security could pose risks

February 17, 2009
Homeland Security News
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Ever since the Federal Emergency Management Agency was absorbed into the Homeland Security Department after its creation in 2003, bureaucrats and elected officials have debated the merits of that decision. After weighing the arguments for and against making FEMA a stand-alone agency again, the department’s inspector general found such a reorganization could have significant negative repercussions.

“Removing FEMA from DHS at this point would cause considerable upheaval, to both FEMA and the department,” IG Richard Skinner wrote in a report released Tuesday.

FEMA benefits from the wealth of resources and capabilities inherent in Homeland Security, such as search and rescue, communications, law enforcement, intelligence, infrastructure protection, and the ability to surge personnel from other DHS agencies during emergencies, the report concluded. (Government Executive)