Sprint Asks Obama to Set Up $2 Billion First-Responder Network

January 16, 2009
Homeland Security News
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Sprint sent a letter to President-elect Barack Obama and his incoming administration requesting that $2 billion be set aside specifically for a wireless network serving the nation’s first responders. According to Reuters, “Sprint’s plan calls for 100 satellite-based light trucks that would respond to emergencies, and 100,000 or more mobile handsets and equipment at up to 40 pre-selected sites.” The sites would be able to ship the necessary gear to disaster sites anywhere in the continental U.S. within four hours. Sprint already supplies the network technology, service and handsets used by many of the nation’s emergency services agencies. A Sprint spokesperson said, “We feel that the iDEN network would certainly be a good candidate for this program.” Sprint hopes to attach the $2 billion to the economic stimulus plan currently moving through congress. Sprint also asked the FCC to reevaluate the the fees for routing telephone calls and Internet services, which are mostly controlled by AT&T and Verizon Communications. (PhoneScoop)