White House yet to fill homeland security vacancy

January 3, 2008
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Frances F. Townsend - Homeland Security AdvisorToday is the last day for the president’s top homeland security advisor, and the White House has not announced any replacement, raising questions about the future of the position. There is speculation that the office headed by Frances F. Townsend, the Homeland Security Council, might be brought under the National Security Council, the White House office created in 1947. Mrs. Townsend is receiving a sendoff from her White House colleagues today as she departs after four years presiding over the HSC, which was created following the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. The rumored reorganization would expand the NSC’s role somewhat to include disaster preparedness and counterterrorism. But it would also move some domestic issues, such as infrastructure protection, back to where they originally were. (Washington Times)